Our discovery trips are tailor-made and private, as for our trekking tours, we can offer them in private or in small groups.


A journey under the sign of discovery! Whether you like wide open spaces, history, archaeology or colourful markets.


Immerse yourself in amazing trekkings through the Cordillera Blanca or the Cordillera Huayhuash.

Mixed travels

Why not combine the best of both worlds by discovering the wonders of the mountains but also the richness of Peruvian culture.

Our next trekkings in groups

Mini-Huayhuash 4 days: September 26th to 29th, 2023

Huayhuash 9 days : September 28th to October 6th, 2023

Santa Cruz 4 days: November 8th to 11th, 2023

Our values

Founded in 2009, ALPA-K has built a reputation for all the values mentioned above and has become recognized abroad and at home. Thanks to this reputation, Promperu, Peru's tourism promotion office abroad, regularly uses our services to present the destination at forums and other webinars.
We value the respect of all those involved in the realization of our trips. This includes our administrative staff, guides, drivers, cooks, muleteers and porters. This obviously means decent salaries, punctuality in payment, continuous training and payment of social security contributions and taxes. Being a formal company has a cost, but it is to the benefit of all our employees and Peru.
We are not just a travel agency. We are also and above all an operator. This means that we operate our own trips and trekking, with as few intermediaries as possible. This proximity to our service providers gives us better control over what we organize. In addition, being based in Peru allows us to take care of our customers during their trip.
Just because we sell trips and dreams doesn't mean we're on vacation all year round! Quite the contrary. And if your travels go smoothly, it is precisely thanks to the seriousness of our work and the good management of our company.
Our responsibility to our clients begins with the first contact and ends when the trip is over. We place great importance on clearly explaining what we will organise and then organising exactly what we have sold you. This 'motto' means that we receive a very high satisfaction rate from all our clients.