Who are we?

ALPA-K was founded in 2009 by Bertrand Würsch and Tania Würsch Torres.

Bertrand is a Swiss citizen who has traveled extensively in Latin America, particularly in Peru. He is bilingual French - Spanish and also speaks English. Following a training in engineering in Switzerland and a few years in the fields of land surveyor and IT, he decided to give meaning to his passions for travel, adventure, Peru and its culture, through Alpa-k he knows all the regions of this beautiful country, from the Pacific coast to the Amazon through the Andes. Bertrand is also passionate about photography.

Tania was born in Huaraz, Peru. After training as a nurse, she worked for more than ten years for various NGOs in Peru as well as for a private clinic in Huaraz. She carries out numerous missions all over the country in order to sensitize remote Andean and Amazonian communities to information about health, contraception, etc. Tania speaks Spanish, of course, but also French and understands Quechua.

Domos Cordillera Blanca

During 2021, Tania and Bertrand created the Domos Cordillera Blanca, an ecotourism lodging project. These are domes located in the heart of nature, 30 minutes away from Huaraz in the Cordillera Blanca. The ideal place to relax or acclimatise before setting out on a trek. The domes are comfortable and the area enjoys a breathtaking view of the peaks around. In addition, they are located a few minutes by car from various valleys in the national park. The place is therefore ideal for enjoying the beauties of Huascaran National Park, even for people who are not so fit.

Photos and infos on: Domos Cordillera Blanca

Quality and responsibility

The travel agency ALPA-K, active since 2009 operates trips throughout Peru as well as in Bolivia and Chile and has managed a good development of its activities, to maintain a high quality level of services offered, committed with a human-sized work environment, with a special focus on trust in its employees, guides and all partners in the country.

ALPA-K has always been concerned about fair working conditions of everyone involved in the realization of his travels or trekking trips.

ALPA-K TRAVEL has also, been working on a process of qualification for travel agencies named CALTUR (Calidad Turistica) given by MINCETUR - the Ministry of Tourism. Numerous audits over several years have enabled ALPA-K to validate its working methods through the CALTUR program.

ALPA-K was the first travel agency of Ancash to obtain this qualification and, is one of the first agencies in the country to be able to operate with this quality service program.

For many years our customers have been sharing our reputation, we are very proud now that the Peruvian Government also participates in the promotion of our agency through the CALTUR program.